Custom Robotics and Automation integrator

Automation for your situation, your needs!

We can offer you custom turnkey projects, even for applications or processes unique to your situation.

UNiRO supports you in the analysis of your integration needs, in the creation of manufacturing intelligence and in the development of special products specific to your processes.


Be the Canadian leader in industrial applied robotics solutions


Accelerate the robotization of manufacturing companies by offering them complete, robust and profitable solutions


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Ready-to-Use Robotic Solutions

How to speed up the robotization of your manufacturing company? By integrating ready-to-use robotic cells! UNiRO combines the best automation products on the market to provide you with complete, reliable and efficient robotic solutions.

Discover our robotic cell models designed to meet specific and popular applications. Ultra fast integration, substantial economic gains! UNiRO products are the result of many years of experience and engineering in the field of manufacturing robotics.

And precisely, manufacturing robotics is booming worldwide because well-done automation gives a significant competitive advantage. It is therefore essential to make a success of each new robot unit installed. This is why all our products combine the best available technologies and solid know-how. Inquire!